Evergreen Playhouse was established in 1959 by a group of area citizens with a strong commitment to the theatre arts. This group of people lead to the first Board of Directors of The Evergreen Playhouse. Including President- Marilyn Crosta, Vice President- Joy Linder, Secretary- Lois Nordquist, Treasurer- Carol Swenson and members Robin Koenniger, Lois Crampton, Richard Linder and Phillip Wickstrom. It has operated continuously since that time, presenting a variety of live theatre experiences to the community and providing many opportunities for people to share their talents on stage and off. At its inception, playhouse founders made a decision that the theatre group would not undertake any production without funds to cover production costs. This policy has been maintained throughout the over fifty years of Evergreen Playhouse’s existence. Unlike many theatre companies, professional as well as non-profit, Evergreen has never operated “in the red.”  Five dollar bonds were sold to finance its first play, Sabrina Fair, and were redeemed, as promised, following the production. Since that time, money to finance every play has been available before the play was produced.

At first, physical space to perform plays was donated to Evergreen Playhouse. The ballroom of the Lewis and Clark Hotel was the first “theatre” setting. Other locations were borrowed or rented until 1972, when the playhouse received bank financing to purchase a building at 226 West Center Street, its present location. This facility has undergone several stages of adaptation and remodeling to make the most effective use of existing space. In 1989, the playhouse made final mortgage payments and now holds a clear title to the Center Street building

It has always been Evergreen Playhouse policy that proceeds from plays should finance other plays and not support the playhouse facilities. Funds for construction and remodeling of the theatre facility have been provided by CAFTA, or Community Auction for Theatre Arts, a fund-raising organization created by Evergreen Playhouse. As the theatre’s past construction needs have been met, CAFTA proceeds have been directed to other non-profit performing arts organizations in the area. Evergreen Playhouse has not only met its own financial obligations over the years but has also assisted other performing groups through its sound financial management.

Past Shows of the Evergreen Playhouse….( this is a work in progress so please be patient as information is updated and added) If you know of any corrections or additions please leave a comment or drop an email. Thank You.



SABRINA FAIR by Samuel Taylor, Director- Marilyn Crosta, January

BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE by John Van Drutens, Director- Margret Oliver May

12 ANGRY MEN by Reginald Rose, Director Margret Oliver, Phillip Wickstrom, October

THE EMPORER AND THE CHINESE NIGHTENGALE by Merrie Virginia Fenton, Director- Marilyn Crosta, November


CLAUDIA by Rose Franken, Director- Marilyn Crosta, February

SEPARATE TABES by Terence Rattigan, Director Frank Rosa, May

BUS STOP by William Inge, Director-Margaret Oliver, Producer –Bob Mitten, October


THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, Producer –Nancy Johnson, February

THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC by Howard Teichmann and George Kaufman, Director Frank Rosa, Producer- Ellen Peterson, May

THE MAN IN THE DOG SUIT by Albert Beich and Wm Wright, Director- Ann Caldwell, producer Robin Kuenninger,                                                                   October


REBECCA by Daphne De Maurier, Director Margaret Oliver, Producer- Barbara Johnstone, February

THE PHYSICIAN IN SPITE OF HIMSELF by Edward Albe, Director –Phillip Wickstrom, Producers- Richard    Weatherford, Judy Simpson, May

THE SANDBOX by Edward Albe, Edward Albe, Director –Phillip Wickstrom, Producers- Richard Weatherford, Judy Simpson, May

COME BLOW YOUR HORN by Neil Simmon, Director- Ann Caldwell, Producer- Robin Loenninger, October


THE HEIRESS by Ruth and Augustus Guetz, Director- Frank Rosa, Producer- Nancy Johnson, February

MY THREE ANGELS by Sam and Bella Spewack, Director- Ellen Petersen, Producer- Elaine Hay, May

AN EVENING WITH SHAKSPEARE- 5th anniversary of the Playhouse, selected readings by members.



By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Director- Margaret Oliver, Producer-Barbara Johnstone, February


KIND SIR by Norma Kransna, Director- Anne Caldwell, May

WHAT SHALL WE TELL CAROLINE/ DOCK BRIEF by John Mortimer, Directors Barbara Johnstone and Phillip Wickstrom, October


THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennesse Williams, Director- Frank Rosa, Tech Director- Phillip Wickstrom, Producer- Betty Mackay, February

THE LARK by Jean Anovilh, Director- Robert Williams, Producers- Nancy Johnson, Mary Kenady, May

UNDER THE GASLIGHT by Augustin Daly, Director Margaret Oliver, Producers- Jennifer Williams, Hans Polk, October


THE CHALK GARDEN by Enid Bagnold, Producer Larry Christomos, February

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by Oscar Wilde, Director- Robert Williams, Producer-Frank Rosa, May

A MAJORITY OF ONE by Leonard Spiegelglass, Director- Anne Caldwell, Producer- Betty Sieler, November


AH! WILDERNESS by Eugene O’Neil, Director-Margaret Oliver, Producer-Rhoda Blacksma, February

THE CRADLE SONG by Gregario and Martinez Sierra, Director- Frank Rosa, Producers- Jennifer Williams and Ann Rosa, May

ALL MY SONS by Author Millers, Director- Sharon Creghton, Producer- Ann Jacobus, October


FANTASTICS by Tom Jones, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, Producer- Anne Caldwell, Musical Director-Lyman Coppess, February

JANUS by Carolyn Green, Director- Marc Burdick, Producer-Rhoda Blacksma, April

THE LITTLE FOXES by Lillian Hellman, Director- Walter Jaroszynski, November



HARVEY by Mary Chase, Director- Frank Rosa, Producer- Margaret Oliver, February

DON’T DRINK THE WATER by Woody Allen, Director- Anne Caldwell, Producer-Ann Rosa, May


OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder, Director- Frank Rosa, Tech Director-Eric Hagberg, Producers- Jody Muyskers and Sue Zimmerman, November


PLAZA SUITE by Neil Simmon, Director- John Newman, Producer Opal Mohr, February

A DOLL HOUSE by Hendrick Ibsen, Director- Betty Sieler, Producer- Jody Muyskens, May

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES- Director- Miss Jo Kuder ,Producer-Anne Caldwell, Musical Director Melody Coleman, August

READER’S THEATER/ THE MAGIC EGG Director- Bill Moeller, Producer- Jean Senk, December


THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY by Samuel Taylor, Director- Anne Caldwell, March

THE ABSENCE OF A CELLO by Ira Wallach, Director- Ann Jocobus, Producer- Anne Wegant, May

BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE by Leonard Gershe, Director- Florence Kennicott, Producer- Jody Muyskens, October


THE TICKET-OF-LEAVE-MAN by Tom Taylor, Director-Margaret Oliver, February

PORTAITS OF ARAN Directors- Marc and Pam Bridgham, March

/AN EVENING WITH MARK TWAIN by Bill Moeller, March

ROYAL GAMBIT by Herman Gressieker, Director Marla Wheeler, May

WIND IN THE WILLOWS by Kenneth Grahame, Director- L.S. Grice, June

GODSPELL by J.M. Tebelack and S. Swuartz, Director Joan Kuder, assistant director J.C. Willis, August

THOUSAND CLOWNS by Herb Gardener, Director- Jean Marie Wood, November


LIFE WITH FATHER by Howard Lindsey and Russel Crouse, Director- Frank Rosa, February

THE WOMEN by Clare Boothe Luce, Director- Anne Caldwell, May

THE TAVERN by George M. Cohan, Director- Mike McGallard, August

PLAY IT AGAIN SAM by Woody Allen, Director-Bill Moeller, Producer Jean Senk, Assistant director- Julie Shea, October


WITNESS FOR THE PROCECUTION by Agatha Cristie, Director- Margaret Oliver, December

FINISHING TOUCHES by Jean Kerr, Director Anne Caldwell, Assistant Director- Majory McAuley, Producers- Metta Wickstrom and Frances Moeller

LILIOM by Ferenc Molnars, Director- Mary Stough, Assistant Director- Joan Hinchmen, November


THE LION IN WINTER by James Goldman, Director- Anne Caldwell, Producer- Bob Zimmerman, February

ARE WOMEN PEOPLE by Charlotte Perkins, Director- Gina Blum and Lanita Grice, March

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING by Harry Kurnitz, Director Howard Stuewe, Producers- Metta Wickstrom and Anne Caldwell, Assistant Director- Debbie Conrad, November

THE PRIVATE EYE/THE PUBLIC EAR- a Seattle travelling theater group



ARSENIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kresselring, Director- Bill Moeller, Producer- Susan Zimmerman, Assistant Director- Debbie Conrad, November

BOOK REVUE TONIGHT Presented by Phillip Wickstrom, Music- Terry Todd

PRIVATE LIVES by Noel Coward, Director- Anne Caldwell, November


FANTASTICKS by Tom Jones, Director Phillip Wickstrom, Producers- Mike Helling and Anne Caldwell, February

THE MOUSTRAP by Agatha Christi, Director Chuck Hatcher, May

ABSURD PERSON SECULAR by Alan Aykbourn, Director- Tove Webster, Producer- Chuck Hatcher, May



ANY WEDNESDAY by Muriel Resnic, Director- Anne Caldwell, February

LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS by Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna’s, Director- Chuck Hatcher, May


THE BIRDS by Aristophanes, Director-Tove Webster, August

START SPANGLED GIRLS by Neil Simon, Director- Ed Jefferies, November



VERONICA’S ROOM by Ira Levin, Director- Chuck Hatcher, Producer-Michael Helling, February

ANSWERS/CHAMBER MUSIC by Tom Topor, Director- Dan Hannan, May

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by Oscar Wilde, Director- Chuck Hatcher, Production coordinator- Suzanne Sweetingham, February


BAREFOOT IN THE PARK by Neil Simon, Director- Anne Caldwell, June

BORN YESTERDAY Garson Kanin, Director- Margaret E. Wood, Production Coordinator- Suzanne Sweetingham, April

SUNSHINE BOYS by Neil Simon, Director- Anne Caldwell, April

TEN LITTLE INDIANS by Agatha Christie, Director- Tove Webster, Assistant Director- Laura Geiger, November


UNCLE FRED FLITS by Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, Director- Jeff Noyes, March

BAREFOOT IN THE PARK by Neil Simon, Director- Anne Caldwell, June

ON GOLDEN POND by Earnest Thompson, Director- Bill Moeller, Assistant Director- Barbara Geist, November


BUS STOP by William Inge, Director- Tove Webster, November

COME BLOW YOUR HORN by Neil Simon, Director Anne Caldwell, May

THE BUTLER DID IT by Peter Marks, Director- Todd Crawford, November


DIRTY WORK AT THE CROSSROADS by Bill Johnson, director- Anne Caldwell, February

HOBSON’S CHOICE by Harold Brighthouse, Director Tove Webster, May

BULLSHOT CRUMMOND by Ron House, Diz White, ET. All, Director Bill Moeller


THE MIRACLE WORKER by William Gibson, Director Phillip Wickstrom, February

UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE by Lawrence Roman, Director- Anne Caldwell, May

THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET by Rudolf Besier, Director- Michael Helling, October


6 RMS RIV U by Bob Randall, Director- John Panesko Jr., February

MY THREE ANGELS by Sam and Bella Spewack, Director- Ed Jefferies, May

THE ODD COUPLE (FEMALE VERSION) by Neil Simon, Director- Anne Caldwell, Assistant Director- D. Douglas Lukascik, October

THE PIMSOLL LINE written and directed by Kimberly Berns, August


THE CHALK GARDEN by Enid Bagnold, Director= Cheryl Hankinson, February

WHEN WE WERE MARRIED by J.B. Priestly, Director- Michael Helling, Assistant Director- Barb Geist, May

THE TAVERN by George M. Cohans, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, May

BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Goward, Director- Jim Werner, Assistant Director and Stage Manager- Doug Phelps, October


CRIMES OF THE HEART by Beth Henly, Director William Moeller, Assistant Director and Stage Manager, – Barb Geist, Feb

EVERYBODY LOVES OPAL by John Patrick, Director- Ed Jefferies, Assistant Director and Stage Manager- Tracey F. Keller, April

THE WIZARD OF OZ adapted by Lynn Sharon Schwartz, Director Norma Gorham, June

THE PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE by Neil Simon, Director- Anne Caldwell, October


THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams, Director- Jim Werner, February

THE GIN GAME (DINNER THEATER) by D.L. Coburn, Directors- Bill Moeller and Harriet Rajala, March

A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT’S DREAM by Shakespeare, Director Juni Greenough, April

CHARLOTTE’S WEB by Joseph Robinette, Director Norma Gorhan, June

THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT by Bill Manhoff, Director- D.Douglas Lukascik, October

ANGEL STREET (Greasepaint Guild)


I NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER by Robert Anderson, Director- Bill Moeller, February

THE GAZEBO by Alec Coppel, Director- Ed Jefferies, April


THE BUTLER DID IT by Tim Kelly, Director- Douglas Lukascik, October

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Greasepaint Guild) by Michael Paller, Director- Sean O’Skea, December


THE MERRY WIVES OF WINSOR by Shakespeare, Director- Juni Greennough, February

CAUGHT IN THE VILLIANS WEB by Herbert E. Swayne, Director –Scott Snow, May

MARK TWAIN LIVES Presented by Bill Moeller, May

THE CEMETERY CLUB by Ivan Menchell, Director- John Panesko


THE FOREIGNER by Larry Schue, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, February

USE OF THE HALL by Oliver Haily, Director- Bill Moeller, April

RUMORS by Neil Simon, Director- Douglas Lukascik, October


THE HONORABLE URASHIMA TARO by Coleman A. Jennings, Director- Norma Gorham, June

THE BUTLER DID IT by Tim Kelly, Director Douglas Lukascik, October

A SEASON SAMPLER (Hit and Run) Phillip Wickstrom, December


FANTASTICS by Tom Jones, Director- Michael Yannette, March

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW by Shakespeare, Director- Juni Greenough, May

ALADDIN Director- Norma Gorham, June

THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES by Frank Gilroy, Director- Marty Makenzie, Assistant Director- Harriet Rajala, October


YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU by Moss Hart and Geo Kaufman, Director- Suzy Winter, March

THE GOOD DOCTOR by Neil Simon, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, April

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Director Norma Gorham, June

ANY WEDNESDAY by Muriel Resnick, director- Linie Sherrod, August

NO SEX PLEASE, WE’RE BRITISH by Anthony Marriot and Alisatair Foot, Director- John Pinsker, November


WHOSE LIFE IS IT, ANYWAY? By Brian Clark, Director- Bill Moeller, February

EXIT THE BODY by Fred Carmichael, Director- George McKee, May

JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH by Rohald Dahl, Directors- Jeri Hess, Chery Haselwood, Wen Umberhaum, June

THE SOAPY MURDER CASE by Tim Kelly, Director- Linnie Sherrod ,Assistant Director- Mandi Wilber, August

ARESNIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kesseldring, Director-Dave Hendrick, November


ARTICHOKE by Joanne M. Glass, Director- Track Jacobson, February

LETTICE AND LOVAGE by Peter Shafter, Director- Deane Smith, March

FOOLS by Neil Simon, Director- Marty Makenzie, May

PRELUDE TO A KISS by Craig Lucas, Director Patti Jacka, November



THE LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS by Neil Simon, Director- Olive Ouss, February

THE MISS FIRECRACKER CONTEST by Beth Henley, Director- Tracy Jacobson and Steve Pearson, March

STEEL MAGNOLIAS by Robert Harling, Director- Douglas Lukascik, July



PLAY ON by Rick Abbot, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, February

JAKE’S WOMEN by Neil Simon, Director- Bill Moeller, April

VOICES OF THE PRAIRIE by John Olive, Director Bill Moeller, May

SOME AMERICANS ABROAD (Vest Pocket Company) November


THE DIARIES OF ADAM AND EVE by Mark Twain, Director- John Panesko, February

COMEBACK TO THE FIVE AND DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN by Ed Graczyki, Director- Linnie Sherrod, April

HARVEY by Mary Chase, Director-Douglas Lukascik, Assistant Director- Amanda Wilber August

I DO I DO by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, Director- R.J. McKenzie Sullivan, October


PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD by John Millgton Synge, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, February

FRIDA UN RETABLO (Cirque de Mayo) May

BORN YESTERDAY by Garson Kann, Director- Pug Bujeaud, June

DEATHTRAP by Ira Levin, Director- Pug Bujeaud- October

Reckless by Craig Lucas (Vest Pocket Travelling Theater) November


GOD’S FAVORITE by Neil Simon, Director- Douglas Lukascik, January

GREATER TUNA by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard, Director- George McKee, April

ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD by Tom Sheppards, Director- Pug Bujeaud, July

THE GREAT BIG DOORSTEP by Francis Goodrich and Albert Hacket, Director- Jack Connor, October

CHAMBER MUSIC (Vest Pocket Company)


NIGHT MUST FALL by Emlyn Williams, Director –Phillip Wickstrom, February

SEVEN YEAR ITCH by George Axelrod, Director- Douglas Lukascik, April

BOOK OF DAYS (TAO) by Lanford Wilsons, Director Pug Bujeaud, November



A DOLL HOUSE by Henrik Ibsens, Director- Phillip Wickstrom, February

ACCIDENTALLY YOURS by Pauline Williams Snapps, Director-Jack Conner, April

JUNGLE BOOK by Joseph Robinette, Director- Norma Gorham, June

MACBETH (TAO) Pug Bujeaund, September

THE CIRCLE by W. Semnersol Maughams, Director- Jack Conner, November


SUNSHINE BOYS by Neil Simon, Director- Douglas Lukascik, November

Guys and Dolls, Director Alyccea Elder, May

Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis,


SOLID GOLD CADILLAC by Howard Teichmann and George S. Kaufman, Director- Doug Lukascik, October


STATE OF THE UNION by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse, Director- Doug Lukascik, April

PLAZA SUIT by Neil Simon, Director Katy Schockman, June


SLYVIA by A.R. Gurney, Director- Norma Rogers, April

ODD COUPLE (Female Version) by Neil Simon, Director- Bill Moeller, Assistant Director-Doug Lukascik, October

OSCAR AND FELIX by Neil Simmon, Director- Doug Lukascik, October



LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR by Neil Simmon, Director- Doug Lukascik, November







GUYS AND DOLLS (Children’s Workshop)


PROPOSALS by Neil Simon, Director- Douglas Lukascik, Assist Director- Katrina Wulff, November

DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG-BLOG by Josh and Jeb Whedon, Director- Sean O’Neil, Assist Director- Katrina Wulff, December

THE CEMETERY CLUB by Ivan Menchell, Directors- Norma Rogers, Melinda Brein, February


GYPSY by Jule Styne, Stephen Sondheim, Director Norma Rogers, May

EDUCATING RITA by Willy Russell, Director- Norma Rogers, June

Annie Get Your Gun  Childrens Theater Workshop July/August


  1. Joan Hamilton
    September 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    You might want to check on the spelling of a couple of surnames on your history page. I believe the names are Richard (Dick) and Joy Lindner and Koenninger (Robin and Tom).


    • The Evergreen Playhouse
      September 3, 2013 at 3:27 pm

      Thank you, those names were pulled from old documents in the scrapbooks not the easiest of resources, Thank you we always welcome corrections!

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