Want to direct a play at the EP? Submit a play NOW!


Potential director must submit a play to the reading committee anytime during the current season but by the due date. ( Feb. 20th 2014) to be considered for the following season. Plays can be submitted in person at any board meeting leading up to the deadline, or given to a member of the current reading committee , for more information please leave a message at the playhouse, via phone, email, or Facebook. The Director shall have the final word on all phases of production set, lights, sound, make-up, costumes, staging, acting, programs, and advertising, within reason and within the budget. Members of the Board will have access to rehearsals, assist as requested, and be respectful to the rights of the Director. The Director agrees to follow all rules/policies of the Evergreen Playhouse. Director shall be a current paid member of the Evergreen Playhouse, with adequate experience with the playhouse, and have the ability to pass a background check. Experience and eligibility to be determined by the board. The reading committee will set the season according to the best interest of the Playhouse, which will then be sent to the General Membership at the general meeting in June for approval.

What to submit:

1. Current copy of play to be considered

2. Approximate fee in royalties

3. A general idea of what kind of set/costumes, to help us set a proposed budget

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