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Tickets available for The Brothers Grimm and the Showgirl!!!!

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Let your Inner Star Shine!

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Here is the cast list for The Tempest, congratulations to everyone and a big THANK YOU for being a part of this production. Remember you can still be a part of this production we will need volunteers for set construction, house and greenroom managing and an artist to show there work during the production…(think nautical) So here they are!
Production Crew
Isaac Wulff – Director
Katrina Wulff- Producer
Sophi Wulff – Stage Manager
Ben Devine – Stage Manager, Prop Master
Prospera – Alene Stewart (Al)
Miranda – Jessica Roal
Ariel – Rebecca Marsh (Becca)
Caliban – Shawn Kaufman
Alonsa- Katherine Gulmert
Sebastiana- Amber Roal
Gonzalo- Eric Mark
Antonio, Reaper – Shane Rivers
Fransica,Juno, Ship Master- Alexandra Baccus (Ali)
Adrian, Boatswain, Reaper – Scott Middleton
Stephano- Kuper Wilmovsky
Trincula, Ceres – Danika Macomber
Iris – Heather Ebhardt
Ferdinand – Lincoln Anderson

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Tempest Auditions

 Auditions for The Tempest by William Shakespeare are on Monday August 12th, Tuesday August 13th at 630pm, at the Playhouse. Call backs will be on Wednesday August 14,at 630pm. al are welcome. A  10-30 line Shakespearean monologue is asked for.

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Monday 6:30pm Board Meeting

Monday 7:15pm Steam Train Meeting

Tuesday 5pm-630pm – Work Day at the theater

Tuesday, Wednesday 5:30pm- 830pm Audition Workshop, Come and learn what our season’s directors are looking for in auditions, what roles will be available, get help with monologues and have some fun! $5 suggested donation.

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General Meeting PLEASE ATTEND!!!!

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