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ATTENTION all Evergreen Playhouse Members. How would you like to become a board member? The nominating committee is now accepting applications of interest. This is a great way to participate. There are 7 positions open for election this year, 1 and 2 year positions, Secretary, VP, and 5 members at large. Board positions requirements  include, attending monthly board meetings, volunteering at least… 1 night during each performance, serving on a committee of your choice with at least 1 committee meeting a month, we are an all volunteer theater so this is a working board. If you are interested please message us an email address and we will send you an application, or  you can print one out. Please drop them off at the playhouse, c/o nominating committee. THANK YOU


Declaration of Interest

Evergreen Playhouse Board


Name: __________________________________________________


OPEN BOARD POSTITIONS (please check one you would be interested in)


____ Vice President 2 year


_____ Secretary 2 year


_____ Member at large 2year X4 positions open


____Member at large 1year position X1 position open



Have you previously served on the board NO___ YES ____ ( if yes please state dates and what position(s) held and reasons for leaving _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________


Please describe in 100 words or less what you feel you would be able to bring to the board, what your interest are and what committees you would be willing to serve on. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Committees (these can change due to the interest and nature of needs of the Playhouse)


  • Publicity
  • Fundraising
  • Production
  • Steam Train
  • Children’s Programs
  • Maintenance


I understand that by signing this declaration that I am committing to participating  in  Playhouse functions, Volunteering at least once a night per production in the house or greenroom, being available for any special events produced or hosted by the Playhouse, being a member of at least one committee, and attending all meetings pertaining to the board and committees.


Signature                                                                                                               Date


Contact information







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