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Auditions coming soon!

Auditon requirements..

Prepared monologue of no more than 30 lines, if you do not have a monologue prepared please do not let that stop you from trying out!

Good attitude, williness to be flexible and have fun!

The Underpants

Adaptation of the 1910 German farce Die Hose by playwright Carl Sternheim written by: Steve Martin

Directed By: Sean O’Neil

Auditions: April 15, 16, 17 630 pm

Show Dates: June 14-16, 20-23, 28-30


The play follows Louise Maske after the startling day when her underpants fall off in public, taking a wry look at propriety, notoriety, and 15 minutes of fame. Louise and her husband, Theo, a minor government functionary, are trying to rent out a room in their apartment to earn a little extra cash. Theo fears that Louise’s wardrobe malfunction at the royal parade may have ruined their public image, but the prospective tenants who shortly come a calling find the lingerie mishap more titillating than repellent.


Theo Maske- burly, muscular, buzz cut, the husband

Louise Maske: mid twenties, pretty, wife to Theo

Gertrude Deuter: 30-40’s busybody neighbor

Frank Versati: Elegant Gentleman

Benjamin Cohen: sickly, thin asthmatic

Klinglehoff: an elderly gentleman

The King:

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