Hey Guys!
A Work Party at the Playhouse!!!!! Friday the 23rd of November ALL DAY! Stop in for a bit and help us out!

On the menu:

– paper mache Audrey pod 3 & 4
– decorate with paint, leaves, vines and fabric Audrey pods 1, 2, 3, 4
– Create vines for audience drop boxes out of sheets and fabric
– Lighting
– Sewing costumes
– finishing any other projects

Little Shop of Horrors opens at The Evergreen Playhouse in less than 2 weeks. Please look at the following list and let me know if you can help with any of the following props. Thank you so much!


Props that we still need:

  • Bud vase with 3 dead roses
  • Vases of dead flowers
  • One bunch of dead/wilted roses
  • Vase with 4 dead roses
  • Can with small gardening tools
  • Skid Row Daily Newspaper
  • Large clock – need to fabricate and/or paint on to the wall.
  • Mortar and pestil
  • Watering can
  • Large aspirin bottle
  • Plant food
  • New cash register covered with cardboard box
  • Receipt pad
  • Pen cup
  • Receipt spindle
  • Dictionary
  • Flashlight
  • Paint scraper
  • Can/box of rat poison
  • Clipboard
  • Metal Trashcan
  • 3 horror magazines on stoop
  • Prop table:

o   Camera

o   Pan full of broken flowerpots

o   Large white gift box (that can fit a leather jacket)

o   Mushnik portrait “Our Founder” – we have a frame, just need a picture of Mushnik in costume

o   3 contracts

o   Money

o   Machete

o   Bandaids

o   2 bags of garbage

o   Oversized horror magazine

o   Wooden tray with 3 flower pots

o   3 cuttings

o   Autograph book and pencil

o   Money

o   Contracts

o   Mrs. Luce purse with:

§  Money

§  Contract

o   Mop

o   Two screens (dentist office) – Mark & Friday 11/23/12 build party

o   Empty flower pot:

o   Typewriter attached

o   Typing paper on shelf

  • Blood bucket with:

o   Bloodied work gloves

o   Intestines

  • 2 Audrey II giant leaves – Friday 11/23/12 build party
  • 2 Audrey II grabber branches – ???
  • 2 Audrey II finale branches – ???
  • Sign “Little Shop of Horrors” – Jason and Carolyn
  • Sign “Here It Is!” – Jason
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