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April 27th – 29th

May 4th- 6th, 10th-13th

Friday, Saturday 8pm, Sunday 2pm, Pay what you will 730pm

The 10th is a special pay what you can performance.

Cast List for Gypsy, Directed by Norma Rogers

  • Uncle Jocko/Kringelein –  Josh Coldiron
  • Georgie/Phil – Angel Ramirez
  • Balloon Girl – Elina Brein
  • Clarinet Girl- Skye Phillips
  • Baby June- Ava Chrisman
  • Baby Louise- Celeste Haugan
  • Rose- Kay Morton
  • Pop/Cigar/Offstage announcer- Gary Haas
  • Pastey/Webber – Dean Phillips
  • Rich Man Son/ Understudy baby Louise- Maddy Roy
  • Tap Dancing Urchin/News Boy- Jacob Brein
  • News Boy- Georgia Masseth
  • Mr. Goldstone- John Pratt
  • Herbie- Mark Pendleton
  • June- Stephanie San Souci
  • Louise- Taylor Winsett
  • Farm Boy- James Gull
  • Farm Boy/ Bourgeron-Cochon- Jacob Perkins
  • Farm Boy/ Understudy Louise/Hollywood Blond- Shannon Harper
  • Miss Cratchitt- Lorraine Oldenburg
  • Hollywood Blonde- Lauren Smith
  • Hollywood Blonde- Caitlin Ross
  • Hollywood Blonde-  To be announced
  • Tessie Tura- Sammy Jo Myer
  • Mazeppa- Kaaren Spanski-Dreffin
  • Electra- Kelli Pattee
  • Renee- Malinda Wilhelm
  • Rose understudy- Melinda Brein
  • Kiddie – Magenta Wilhelm
  • Kiddie- Elizabeth Wilhelm
  • Hovering Mom – Michelle Hall
  • Hovering Mom- Alison Haugan
  • Kiddie Newsboy- Carly Norton
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