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Casting Call


Evergreen Playhouse – The Solid Gold Cadillac – August 2008 – 226 W. Center St. Cent.

The Evergreen Playhouse is proud and excited to announce the Casting Call for our next production,

The Solid Gold Cadillac, a hilarious satire from the Golden Age of Comedy, co-written by Pulitzer-Prize winner George S. Kaufman – witty master of twentieth century theatre and co-author of such classics as You Can’t Take It With You and The Man Who Came to Dinner. Kaufman and Howard Teichmann pillory big business and big businessmen in this play. A minority stockholder with 10 shares of stock, brings the arrogant execs of a large corporation to their knees. The Solid Gold Cadillac premiered on Broadway in 1953 and remains as timely as today’s Stock Market and is one of the funniest plays ever written on the follies of big business men and the corporate world.


A Pre Audition, Open Table Reading will be held on Monday August 4th 2008 for those not familiar with the story or the script.

The Open Table Reading is open to all and will start at 7:00 pm and be held

at the Evergreen Playhouse 226 West Center St Centralia.

 Auditions will start the following night Tuesday August 5th 2008 7:00 PM and

Tuesdays and Fridays thru August or until the play is cast .      ( 8/8 -8/12 – 8/15 – 8/19 – 8/22 )

This is a large cast and will require a minimum of 8 men and 6 women.

Please don’t come alone, bring a partner.

(If you’re a woman, bring a man and vica versa.)

The various casting call dates are being made available to accommodate varying schedules.

Private audition dates can be made by calling the Director D.Douglas Lukascik

at 360.736.7129 h, 360.748.3373 w, or at salespro@localaccess.com

Select morning and afternoon auditions can also be made by special appointment only.

All auditions will be held at the Evergreen Playhouse 226 West Center St. Centralia.

PRODUCTION DATES: The Play will run 3 weekends… Friday & Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons,

October 24th thru November 2nd 2008.

Crew positions such as stage manager, light and sound technicians are also available.

Production Dates are scheduled for October



THE STORY begins with the 1953 annual stockholders’ meeting and election of officers of a colossal manufacturing empire called General Products. Some new officers (old ones being moved up a notch) must be elected because the president of the corporation has taken a big government post in Washington and has been forced to sell his stock at a profit of three million dollars. The election is going smoothly and the meeting is about over when a timid old lady who owns 10 shares…asks if she can ask a question. She has read every page of the annual report and she wants to know why the chairman of the board is being paid $170,000 a year, (really big money in those days) and how many hours he works to earn this money… She puts one mild query after another, and pretty soon the new officers hush her up by giving her a phony job at $150 a week.” ( pretty big money in those days) She is to be a kind of liaison officer for the other minority stockholders. She takes her job seriously and writes chatty, friendly letters to the other minority stockholders—asking about their health, their children, and the weather, and makes solid friendships with the small stockholders. The officers of the corporation become a bit uneasy at this, and they’re all set to fire her when she discovers that a small firm that General Products has just forced into bankruptcy is its own subsidiary firm! Using this as gentle means of prodding the directors, the little old lady keeps her own job. When the former president learns what a mess the current directors are making of his business, however, he resigns from his government job, and the big fight is on to regain control of his own business. Things look dark indeed, the wicked directors are about to triumph, and our nice old lady is fired, when the proxies of all the small stockholders start pouring in, and thanks to them the little old lady and former president foil the wicked Board of Directors.

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